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PROMES- Engineering Summer Camp (ESC) FAQs

Is it a day camp?

No it is a residential camp.

What time does the camp start and end?

Families should arrive at 2 p.m. on Sunday to drop off their camper and arrive at 11 a.m. on Friday for closing ceremony and to pick up their camper(s).

Will transportation be provided?

No, transportation will not be provided.

What is the deadline for the application and payment?

Application deadline is January 22, 2021. Applications are considered on a rolling admissions basis. We strongly urge that you send your application in early because space is limited and once we are full, you will then be placed on the waiting list.

Does my child need money for camp?

No, all meals will be provided as a part of the camp tuition. However, your child may want to purchase items from the UH bookstore or additional snacks. In that case, they would need their own money.

How do I return the signed forms?

Via email to promes [at] with your child’s name in the subject line.

Will my camper be able to contact me during camp using their cell phone?

Cell phones must be kept on vibrate (i.e. ringer turned off) and not used except in emergencies during Camp. Many of our experiments and lab tours will be conducted in laboratories that restrict the use of phones. Campers will have free time in the evening to contact their families.

If I am placed on the waiting list, can I still attend the camp for that summer?

You can still attend only if a space opens up.

Can I cancel a camp deposit?

Yes, you may cancel a deposit. Cancellations received after April 1 will result in a $100 processing fee. No refunds will be given after April 15.

How does my child need to dress for summer camp?

Camp dress code: campers are encouraged to wear tasteful and appropriate clothing. Campers are also suggested to bring a light jacket as the rooms might be cold. Some laboratory experiments might require closed toe shoes and long pants so bring those items as well.

Will my child be able to have visitors during camp?

No, visitors to campers are not permitted.

Will my child be safe at camp or be free to roam around the University of Houston?

Yes, your child will be safe at the University of Houston and will always be with a group of campers and mentors so your child will not be allowed to roam about campus on their own.

Will my child be able to take an off-campus lunch?

No, all lunches will be on campus and are provided by ESC. Leaving camp at anytime without a special circumstance and a parent is not permitted.

Will my child be photographed and their pictures used in University of Houston publications?

Yes, there will be a media release form because pictures will be taken all throughout camp. You will be emailed that form which will need to be signed and sent back.

Will I be able to obtain pictures taken during camp?

Only pictures of your child. We have campers sign a photo release form but these pictures can only be used for camp/university purposes.

Do students get a stipend for attending camp?