Fall 2017 Workshop Enrollment

Currently the schedule for Fall 2017 workshops is under construction. As soon as the schedule is completed, this web page will be updated. The application for facilitators for Fall 2017 workshops is available and ready for you to apply and submit.

Proposed Workshops for Fall are listed below:

Class NBR Subject Course NBR Related Course Workshop Days Time Facilitator
22141 EGRP 1130 MECE 2334 MECE Thermo MW 2:30-4pm Rakib
22142 EGRP 1130 MECE 2334 MECE Thermo MW 1-2:30pm Jens
22143 EGRP 1130 MECE 2334 MECE Thermo TTH 4-5:30pm Justin
22152 EGRP 1165 CIVE 2330 Statics TTH 8:30-10am Helder
22144 EGRP 1131 MECE 3336 Dynamics MW 4-5:30pm Parteek
22146 EGRP 1140 CHEE 2331 Chemical Pro MW 10-11:30am Priya
22145 EGRP 1140 CHEE 2331 Chemical Pro TTH 4-5:30pm Zach
22148 EGRP 1142 CHEE 3363 CHEE Fluid Mech MW 11:30am-1pm  
22147 EGRP 1141 CHEE 2332 CHEE Thermo MW 5:30-7pm Nikita
22246 EGRP 1170 ECE 3355 Electronics MW 4-5:30pm Javier
19747 EGRP 1150 ECE 2201 Circuits I TTH 2:30-4pm Jacob
27263 EGRP 1151 ECE 2202 Circuits II MW 5:30-7pm Shriya
22150 EGRP 1180 PETR 2311 Petro Phys MW 10-11:30am Maryam
22151 EGRP 1181 CHEE 3363 Petro Fluid Mech TTH 10-11:30am Faris
22245 EGRP 1182 PETR 2313 Reservoir Fluids TTH 10-11:30am Ryan


Please note the following:

  • Workshops are a one-credit-hour course and will appear on the student’s Peoplesoft schedule of classes. Thus there is a standard UH tuition charge associated with adding the additional credit for each workshop. There are no additional charges above the university tuition cost
  • No one will be allowed to participate in the workshop unless that person is officially registered in Peoplesoft.
  • Grading for workshops will be Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.
  • Students who have a good record of attendance and participation in previous workshops will be given preference over students who have enrolled in previous workshops but who have not participated actively or attended regularly. All students must sign a contract and adhere to the guidelines detailed in the syllabus.
  • Seats are very limited. After a section is full we will keep a waiting list and fill additional seats as they become available. Enrolled students who do not meet the requirements for the lecture course will be dropped from the workshop.

Questions may be addressed to workshops [at]