P-Engineering Summer Camp (ESC) is a 1 week residential summer camp held at the University of Houston campus for academically-talented 10th-12th graders interested in engineering. Along with undergraduates in these disciplines, high school participants will explore engineering through demonstrations, presentations, and fun hands-on activities.


  • Be an entering 10th to 12th grade student
  • Have completed or be taking appropriate math and science courses for your grade-level
  • Have an interest in or curiosity about engineering

ESC Dates

Please check back on January 14, 2019 for upcoming camp dates.

Read what everyone is saying about PROMES Engineering Summer Camp 2018

  • “Leah said that she had an amazing time at camp. Thank you so much for allowing Aaliyah to be a part of the PROMES Engineering Summer Camp.” – Ms. Turner (camper’s parent)
  • “You learn a lot about engineering and the different types, but it was also a fun experience.” – (Lance, 12th grade camper)
  • “A very good experience and it will teach you many tips about college and how to achieve your goals.” – (Freedom, 11th grade camper)
  • “They will expose you to new sciences, concepts, and technologies. But aside from the academics part they create a positive environment to bond with one another.” – (Omar, 10th grade camper)
  • “The best experience in the world; you will really enjoy everything, the food, the people, the activities, the dorms, the counselors the school itself.” – (Batula, 10th grade camper)”