PROMES Requirements


The PROMES program is looking to include students who:

  • Want to be the best engineering student they can be and are willing to adopt effective new ways to study.
  • Want to learn how to collaboratively work in groups.
  • Want to develop soft skills for professional development.
  • Want to learn how to maximize what they can accomplish in a day or week.
  • Want to be give back to the community through fun engagements with K-12 students.
  • Want to be included in Excellence Workshops which support key math, science and engineering courses.
  • Want to develop leadership skills.
  • Want to work in a diverse scholastic environment.

Your requirements for this program include:

  • Taking required PROMES classes.
  • Participating in at least two engineering related community service events per semester.
  • Participating in our annual End-Of-Semester Networking Social in December.
  • Participating in our Annual PROMES Awards Banquet in the spring semester.
  • Participating in the Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System.
  • Participating in the Engineering Career Fairs each fall and spring.